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Beating COVID-19 with Artificial Intelligence, telemedicine, and blockchain.
MediChain founder's team discovers prize-winning COVID-19 diagnosis
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Transforming lives through smart healthcare solutions.

New Cures

MediChain founder, Dr Mark Baker, led a team of scientists to work with an implementation of MediChain's Athena, winning the Coronahack in London (April 2020), beating hundreds of scientists from around the world. They came up with the best solution to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronahack: An unprecedented global online hackathon bringing together... The brightest minds in the fields of medicine and artificial intelligence to stimulate the prospect of new and novel ideas to combat Covid-19, over the space of a week: 500 Health experts; 500 Data scientists; Real time Covid-19 global health data

Predicting Outbreaks

MediChain Athena first announced in 2018, has identified the unique link between leukocyte and monocyte blood cell levels in blood samples.

This means that any normal testing lab anywhere in the world can detect COVID-19 up to two weeks earlier, at minimal cost and greater reliability compared with existing serum and PCR tests.

Stopping the Second Wave

Using this technique, and linked with live access to national data using MediChain's Athena system, it is possible to predict exactly where the new outbreaks will occur and lockdown to prevent them, reducing the period of lockdown and preventing second and future waves of COVID-19.

MediChain and its sister company Hypatia are currently working to develop a pin-prick blood sample test for Covid-19 that anyone can use with a smartphone.

Our solutions

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Leucocyte Fingerprinting

Predict COVID-19 for 10% of the current cost and scale up to hundreds of thousands of tests a day (or more) using existing infrastructure

Detect COVID-19 on any Smartphone

Low Volume Home Test for Covid-19. Test anywhere anytime and get the results in minutes. No expensive, unreliable antibody tests.

Telemedicine done Properly

Keep doctors and patients safe from contamination. Get the data that you need and don't muddle through with Zoom or Skype


The Story So Far . . .

"from one thing, know ten thousand things" ― Miyamoto Musashi

  • Quantum Neural Net



    Based on over 10 years of conceptual development and two years of concerted effort and direct development, Athena combines artificial intelligence in a much broader sense than just neural networks with a number of esoteric principles and technologies.

  • Quantum Neural Net

    April 2020

    Our Athena AI discovers an important new Covid-19 detection method

    A team led by MediChain founder Dr Baker feeds Covid-19 data to the Athena AI, the first time it has encounted real medical data, and within hours it has discovered a radical new way of testing for and predicting Covid-19. Called leucocyte fingerprinting, the initial data, validated by a professor of statistics from University of Glasgow shows a sensitivity of 95% compared with 80% for current antibody tests, with a specificity with rejects 12 other similar viruses. Cost per test is 10% of that of current tests and because it uses existing blood test infrastructure with no need for extra staff or reagents in can increase test rates by a factor of 500% overnight.

  • Quantum Neural Net

    April 2020

    First Quantum Computing Architecture Version of Athena AI

    “The main advantage of quantum computing is it can perform any task faster as compared to a classical computer. Because atoms move faster in a quantum computer than a classical computer. In quantum computing qubit is the conventional superposition state and so there is an advantage of exponential speedup which is resulted by handle number of calculations.

    Medichain have been experimenting with Quantum Architectures and have working Athena Networks running under Google Tensorflow Quantum. These will execute on actual quantum processors that are supported by Cirq, including Google's Sycamore processor.

  • Quantum Neural Net

    May 2020

    A Covid Test on Every Smartphone

    By designing a device that allows blood analysis on any smartphone for just a few dollars and a cost per test of pennies we can allow the number of Covid-19 tests to be increased to everyone in a country as often as they need. This could radically reduce lockdown and prevent second and subsequent waves of Covid-19.

  • Quantum Neural Net

Our team

Because people matter.

Dr Mark R Baker


Dr Saqib Mukhtar


Dr Nicolas Smoll MD

Medical Officer

Alkesh Acharya

Blockchain Architect

Dr Tito Rodriguez Bouza

Medical Researcher. Blockchain Expert

Professor Wayne Luk

Technology Advisor

Prof Simon Choi

Legal Counsel

David Yue

Financial & Business Advisor

Jungki Claudio OH

Regional President Korea

Job Opportunities

Medichain is a technology startup company working in association with Novatis, EY Italia, Shion, and a number of European and Japanese organizations, universities, and companies. Our latest round of expansion opens up a number of new opportunities in the company and to this end, we expect to be recruiting starting immediately and continuing over the net three months. The company is currently working on both COVID-19 diagnostic techniques designed to combat future waves of COVID-19 and on general medical health care artificial intelligence and telemedicine systems designed to bring high-quality health care to users and patients on a global basis. Our focus is both ethical and proactive and the company aims for those employees who share our values and are excited by what we do. Roles will be available in three locations with a component of work in the near term which will be primarily online and virtual although meeting with suitable social isolation methods in place will be important at an early stage. Locations are London, Italy both the Milan area and the Naples area, and Japan, Tokyo, Fukushima.

Role 1: General assistant to managing director. Initially, this job will be primarily virtual and will involve transcription, some diary management, and general assistant roles. No specific qualification is required but flexibility, professionalism, and a strong interest in helping and being involved in a worthwhile cause is essential. Training will be given on the job and it is important that the assistant can meet in London. There are possible future prospects for travel with the company for a suitable candidate.

Role 2: Data Scientist. New graduate data scientist with either a first-class degree or masters in data science or related fields. Must be familiar with python programming and show a willingness to apply flexibility and learn rapidly in an unstructured start-up environment. Enthusiasm for the role and company and interest in projects is essential.

Role 3: Business development associates. There are a number of places open to literate and numerate graduates for business development which will include account management, sales, and marketing. Business development team members are also responsible for a number of roles and tasks within the company in keeping with the flexible nature of a startup. In keeping with all roles in this company, the willingness to pitch in and help with anything, anywhere is a huge advantage.

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