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The Medical Big-Data Platform

Saving Lives With Blockchain

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About MediChain

MediChain gives patients ownership of their own medical data.

MediChain is a medical big-data platform.  It allows patients to store their own data in a secure way and give access to specialists anywhere regardless of the payer network or EMR (Electronic Medical Record) used.

Take Your Data Anywhere You Go

Move it between healthcare providers, specialists, insurers or even countries

Keep Data Safe and Anonymised

Patients decide how anonymised they want their medical data to be

No Cost for Patients or Doctors

Monetised by patients opting to let medical scientists and companies use data for research.


potential users

$150Bn+ pa

worth of problems solved


faster transaction speed

Our Solutions

The Problems

First, US big pharm spends $157 billion a year on research.

Second, Medical Errors are now the 3rd largest cause of death in the US costing $1 trillion in the US alone.

The Data Solution

Population-based de-identified patient data has already produced advances against WHO’s (World Health Organisation) top ten diseases including diabetes and heart failure.

Population data lets researchers tackle the big issues in medicine.

What MediChain Offers

Using Blockchain Technology, MediChain will promote these research breakthroughs.

Sharing Medical Data

By patients opting in and sharing their medical data, they will be able to help people who are suffering from similar health issues.

Additionally, sharing medical data will streamline the process of finding cures to the world’s worst diseases.

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“MediChain is revolutionising medical records and healthcare with Blockchain”

— Dr. Mark Baker, CEO and Founder

Token Holder Benefits

MediChain Utility Tokens (MCU) represent the value of arbitrary patient data blocks.

Token holders benefit in a number of ways:

  • Institutional Medical Data Services (including Diagnosis)
  • Medical Research Data Services
  • Any/All additional future business transactions on the MediChain Platform
  • Research Program Voting. Get the chance to determine the focus of future research
  • Personal Medical Data Storage and transfer
  • Personal Medical Data Services
  • MCU Discounts

Our founder’s network gives us a wealth of connections

Our Roadmap for 2018—2020

Q1 2018
Public MVP

System live and scaled on Rackspace servers


Scientist program, 10+ rolling grants to get high quality data


Outreach program to determine data needs


Data stakeholder program starts to ensure buy-in


Compliance completed


Outreach program 1-3 grants gets best data

Team Growth

Headhunting world class talent in line with needs

Talent Search

Attracting great talent. Includes hackathons

Partner Creation

Research and build high value data partners


Partnerships developing 10-15 companies

Q2 2018

Scientist Program, 3-5 grants to get high value data


Integration between EMR and MediChain completed


Ongoing operational needs analysis

Q3 2018
Big Data

Data 1TB+. Tech upgrade to handle next petabyte


Q3: Additional white hat and tiger teams


Shift to fast parallel blockchains for different WHO data sets

Q4 2018
Big Data

Data PB+. Tech Upgrade to handle next exabyte

Strategic Review

Maximising growth, value and social impact

Talent Development

Funnel, bring in and develop top talent

Q1 2019

Scientist program, 5-10 grants to get high value data

API Development

Develop API for third party integration, promotion and support

Data Hackathons

Promote high profile medical hackathons

Q2 2019

Partnerships closed with 5-10 companies

Partner Creation

Research and build high value data partners


Target for first publications with epidemiological trends

Q3 2019

Formation of Medical Blockchain standards group

Big Data

Tech EB+ Upgrade to handle next 10EBs


Partnerships closed with 1-3 companies

Q4 2019

Annual Big Data IT & Science symposium for MediChain


Upgrade to version 2.0 for scale and security


Systems start to acquire patient data to MediChain

Q1 2020

Initiation of Doctor and Patient Smartcard program

Q2 2020
Strategic Review

Maximising growth, value and social impact

Q3 2020
Big Data

Data 10EB+. Tech Upgrade to handle next stage

Q4 2020

Aims to be the leading data provider in the industry


Partnerships close with 10-20 companies

Our Team

A diverse group of individuals brought together by a passion for the positive social potential of blockchain technology.

Dr Mark Baker
Dr Mark BakerCEO and Founder
Oxford PhD, Cambridge Research Fellow, former CTO at Peerius, Europe’s Largest User of Secured, Privacy Enhanced Big Data for Predictive Analytics, Data Specialist at Janssen Pharmaceutical & UK NHS, Founder AegisDRM, developer’s of security solutions used by Hong Kong Government against Chinese Hackers, C & Python developer
Dr Nicolas Smoll
Dr Nicolas SmollMedical Doctor, Epidemiologist
Medical Doctor. Epidemiologist/Big Data Analyst. MBBS Medicine/Surgery, Monash University. Research Scientist at the School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne, in Melbourne, Australia.

You can see Dr. Smoll’s research experience at ResearchGate.

Ron Cafferky
Ron Cafferky Electronic Health Records Specialist
Manager of Clinical Informatics with 8+ years in the Healthcare IT Industry. Specializes in data analytics and reporting in various EHR systems. Leadership experience in leading projects and a team of developers. Blockchain enthusiast.
Katy Blackwell
Katy Blackwell Chief of Operations
Highly experienced attorney and operation consultant assisting businesses regarding regulatory & HR compliance, process improvements, intellectual property, mediation and contract negotiations.
Samuel Dare
Samuel DareBlockchain Engineer
Experienced Blockchain technologist: Bit Core, Ethereum, Corda, Hyperledger, BigChainDB, Solidity, Smart Contracts. Past clients have included Governmental bodies and the International Development. Has a development background developing in Python (5 years), Javascript (5 years), NodeJS (3 years), Go/Golan (1 year) Solutions Architect roles.
Giannis Stathopoulos
Giannis StathopoulosBusiness Development and Operations
Highly experienced operations and growth manager specialized in startups. Digital, blockchain enthusiast and entrepreneur.
Mark Shorter
Mark ShorterCreative Director / UX Specialist and Designer
20+ years of experience designing for digital media with a proven knowledge of creative strategy, vision and leadership to every situation. Committed to creating enjoyable, useful, and engaging experiences regardless of medium. Passionate about building design teams that function well together and are inspired to create great work.
Naomi Ellis
Naomi EllisMarketing, PR & Design
Experienced writer, multidisciplinary designer and creative thinker. Excellent communicator. Experience in the tech industry as a Marketing and Community Lead. Startup business growth hacker. Skilled in Content Creation and Art Direction.
Yilin (Linda) Wen
Yilin (Linda) WenBusiness Development
Experienced business development analyst and strategy consultant with a demonstrated history developing market entry strategy and designing user experience for tech startups.
Matt Ganeles
Matt GanelesBusiness Development
Over 2 years of experience in project management, data management and customer support. Over 1 year of digital marketing experience, specific to ICOs and cryptocurrency. Participated in the planning, execution, and support stages of a successful $10.8 million ICO. Passionate about new alt-coins and crypto markets.
Rob Moya
Rob MoyaUX/UI Designer and Developer
Rob is an expert on front-end development and providing a great UI/UX design. Mr. Moya has 7+ years of experience on user interface design and front end development experience for startups and small companies in the US and China. Product launches, MVPs, Landing pages, React web apps, WordPress sites, with more than +100000 active users per month.
Augustín Cassani
Augustín CassaniBlockchain Engineer
More than 10 years of web and mobile development in a wide range of technologies, most of them related to JavaScript such as Node.js, Express, Koa, React, Redux, Flux, AngularJS, Angular, React Native, Ionic, Ionic 2, and NativeScript.
David Forbes
David ForbesSoftware Developer
Keen problem solver with experience in both Frontend and Backend development using C++, Java, C#, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Drupal. Has worked in a variety of industries with past clients including government agencies and Real Estate within Australia.
Aizhan Seraly
Aizhan SeralyIR & Business Development
Experienced consultant for a medical company to develop a pharmaceutical project.
Akhila Nandanavanam
Akhila NandanavanamTraffic Management
Experienced marketing strategist, marketing consultant and project manager. Skilled in SEO, digital marketing, recruiting and mentoring team members and content creation. Digital trends enthusiast and creative thinker.
Raúl van Riezen
Raúl van RiezenBusiness Development & Finance
8 years experience in finance at KPMG. Completed a MIT Fintech course. Project Team Finalist in blockchain challenge of the US Department of Health and Human Services’ ONC, with a business case for using blockchain in Clinical Trials in Pharma.
Youli Pan
Youli PanBusiness Development
Experienced business material translator. Skilled in professional and culturally-sensitive translation and interpretation, demonstrated experience of working in consulting industry. Fluent in Mandarin
Skye Bye
Skye ByeHR Assistant
Experienced in supporting employee relations and facilitating proactive solutions. Skilled in the implementation and creation of HR programs and policies.
Pedro Silva
Pedro SilvaBusiness Development
10 year plus experience in ERP consultancy and project management working with virtual global team. Experience in various industries such as pharmaceutical, finance and manufacture. Early cryptocurrency investor, ICO participant and blockchain evangelist. Participation in various corporate projects using blockchain technology.
Rachael Edwards
Rachael EdwardsBusiness Development & Marketing
Experienced as an Advisor for an Investment Bank and has lead marketing campaigns across four industry sectors. Previously worked at Silicon Valley Bank as a Senior Associate on the Fund Banking Team. Rachael has worked in several startups in both the food and tech space.
Thomas Kang
Thomas KangBusiness Development
Studied in IE Business School. Experienced entrepreneur worked in early stage startups in Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul, Malaysia and Taiwan. A broad spectrum of experience in business development such as setting up legal entities, platform launch, market tests and leading business teams to enter new markets. He is also co-founder of IoT startup providing data analytics and A.I. solution for health and activities. Fluent in Korean.
Yuta Saitoh
Yuta SaitohBusiness Development & Investor Relations
Fluent in Japanese and English.
Esther Lu
Esther Lu Business Development
Experience in building a brand-new VR Ad Platform Service in China last year. Developed business partnerships with different entities including data providers, publishers and global SSPs. Fluency in Mandarin and English.
Fred Fooks
Fred FooksBusiness Development
Recent Meng graduate from Engineering Science at Oxford University. Previous experience in an investment firm that specialises in technology start-ups. Contributed specifically to the growth plans of three start-ups.
Tim Akito Rei
Tim Akito ReiBusiness Development - Japan
Fluent in English, Japanese and Cantonese. Research specialist in medical microbiology and technology management. Experienced in business management and outreach to help expand MediChain’s influence in the Asia region.

Our Advisors

Mike Raitsyn
Mike Raitsyn
Founder of ICOBox. More than 30 ICOs and $300m+ raised.
Keith Teare
Keith Teare
Founder and leading figure in over a dozen successful international and Silicon Valley projects, including Archimedes Labs, Minds and Machines Inc, MedCo, EasyNet and RealNames. Keith is a founding shareholder of Techcrunch.
Simon Cocking
Simon Cocking
Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, and freelances for Sunday Business Post, Irish Times, Southern Star, IBM, G+D, and other publications. He is a top ranked member of the ‘People of Blockchain’ (most recently ranked at 1/1000). He is also a business mentor and advisor working with 20+ successful ICOs to date. He also been named on 10 global Twitter influencer lists in the last 12 months. He is an accomplished public speaker at events including TEDx, Web Summit, Dublin Tech Summit, and overseas in Dubai, Singapore, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Tbilisi, Riga, Porto, Dublin and Helsinki in the last 12 months. He has been based in Ireland for over 22 years and has cofounded or founded six successful companies
Jon Matonis
Jon Matonis
Jon Matonis is a Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation and his career has included senior influential posts at VISA International, VeriSign, Sumitomo Bank, and Hushmail.

An economist and e-Money researcher focused on expanding the circulation of nonpolitical digital currencies, Jon also serves as an independent board director to companies in the Bitcoin, the Blockchain, mobile payments, and gaming sectors. Jon has been a featured guest on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, NPR, Al Jazeera, RT, Virgin Radio, and numerous podcasts. As a prominent fintech columnist with Forbes Magazine, American Banker, and CoinDesk, he recently joined the editorial board for the cryptocurrency journal Ledger. His early work on digital cash systems and financial cryptography has been published by Dow Jones and the London School of Economics.

Gabriel Zanko
Gabriel Zanko
Fintech entrepreneur-Advisor. Founder of MobileyourLife and involved in the AI-Fintech space providing solutions in the B2B space. ICO advisory in Fundraising Capital and International Business Development.
Amarpreet Singh
Amarpreet Singh
Technology/Digital enthusiast and a seasoned professional with years of experience in Tech industry – operations, consulting and innovation. His professional background includes working with tier 1 firms such as Microsoft (APOC Operation Manager), the World Bank (Senior Infrastructure Consultant and Economic Advisor), Airbus etc., and advising startups and speaking at various technology forums. His educational background includes B.E. (Computer Science) and three Masters degrees from three Universities around the globe (including MBA from National University of Singapore). Due to above mentioned professional and educational background, Amarpreet has lived/worked/studied in India, Singapore, France, China, South Africa, Korea etc., and traveled to many more countries for work.
Chris Fennell
Chris Fennell
Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. Law practice focuses on corporate and securities law, including general corporate representation, seed and venture capital financings, public offerings and mergers and acquisitions.
Simon Choi
Simon Choi
Simon Choi is an international lawyer, qualified to practise law in England & Wales, and in Hong Kong, China. Simon graduated from the law schools’ of Peking University, the University of London and the University of Hong Kong respectively. Simon has advised more than 10 ICO projects globally and contributes to MediChain.io by providing an in-depth knowledge of international law, as well as advising and reviewing new blockchain regulations in various jurisdictions. With more than 25 years of experience in international trade, investment, finance, and M&A, he is an asset for MediChain.io ensuring the highest degree of compliance and adherence to all relevant government policies towards blockchain technology.
Alex Linenko
Alex Linenko
Alex is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain expert, and currently takes position of Lead Business Development manager at ICOBox company. He is the co-founder and co-creator of companies such as Seopult, Uptopromo, SatangDee, ICOyard. Worked on the tokenization and strategic management of 10+ successful ICOs (Pluscoin, Crypterium, Bitrewards, Nvb.digital, Nwpsolution, ICOS, Mulaah and others)
Andrey Korotkov
Andrey Korotkov
Business analyst in ICOBox. ICO marketing professional, 1+ year experience in preparation and launching ICOs. , 2+ years in cryptocurrensy trading. Participated in 5 successful ICOs (Budbo, ICOS, Pluscoin, Crypterium, Mulaah).


  • The healthcare data systems currently in use are the ones we are trying to disrupt. The most obvious of these are the electronic health record (EHR), or electronic medical record (EMR) companies that dominate the market. They gather and store patient records; we plan to give them rewards for their data (taken from our pharmaceutical company payments and partner tokens program), they become natural allies. Companies like patientory.com have put themselves in direct conflict with those massive companies.
  • Medical insurance databases like the French Système national d’information inter-régime de l’assurance maladie (SNIIR-AM) prove the market for epidemiological, pharmacoepidemiological and health economic research and will actually form a subset of our databases, although our data will be more flexible and designed to be useful to pharmaceutical companies using the knowledge gained over the last 15 years since SNIIR and EGB were set up.
  • MediChain would actually provide a free-to-user big data store for National Providers which would create huge value to them which we can leverage.

Non-token operating profits come mainly from pharmaceutical company ‘shallow scans’ of the databases to look for trends. It is expected that no more than 5% of this will go into bonuses and incentivization and profit sharing schemes.

We are using the ICObox platform for our tokensale. This platform is very mature and has been tested by many ICOs. It was tested during some super popular ICOs that faced hackers attacks (Paragon, Crypterium) and worked out just fine.

The current generation of MediChain is as secure as your Bitcoin and Ethereum currency. After launch we will be adding optional smartcard security.

Our team currently constitutes of approximately 20 individuals. Most of our team members are highly experienced individuals with background in healthcare, blockchain and startups. We also have a very strong advisory board that includes some of the most knowledgeable and influential people in the blockchain ecosystem.

The concept has been under development and refinement by founder Mark Baker since June 2015. Medrec which the MVP of the first generation technology is to be based on was first discussed publicly in 15 Apr 2016. The ICO aims to launch the first large-scale commercial version in 2018.

There are multiple projects aiming to fulfill a similar role as we are. We believe that MediChain may become one of the industry leaders in decentralized EHR and patient databases in the coming years. We share a similar vision with the projects listed above, but we will be approaching the problem with finer attention to research, issues with systems currently in place around the world, and blockchain integration.

From an architectural standpoint, we don’t feel blockchain alone is able to scale for the masses. So instead of storing all the medical data in the blockchain like our competitors, we created a hybrid of blockchain and offchain data storage. The blockchain stores pointers to the data. The data itself gets stored in the cloud and is only accessible by the cryptographic keys. This results in faster speeds, while still having the privacy and security of the blockchain.

Yes, that can be organized through icobox.io

Yes, that will be organized through icobox.io and will begin on February 5th.

ICO progress will be posted on the front page of the site and through twitter at regular intervals.

We have a hard cap.

You can read what the benefits are for token holders at the “Token” section above.

No. MediChain Utility Tokens (MCU) represent the value of arbitrary voting rights and patient data blocks.

Like many ICOs, the income we received during the token sale is being treated as regular revenue, and is immediately available for use according to the business plan. Any tokens awarded to employees in connection to the token sale will be subject to a vesting period, just like equity, and will be paid out from the corporate accounts on a set schedule.

If you want to purchase MediChain tokens for more than $250K in the presale or $5M in the main sale we are available to discuss this as you wish. Please contact katy.blackwell@medichain.online

Be careful of scammers! They are common during ICO’s. We’ve already received one report of a Twitter account attempting to impersonate us. It links to a Google Doc’s Form to attempt to have people send them Eth.

We’ve reported them to both Twitter and Google. But, there will likely be more scammers as we get closer to our ICO.

You can find our official social media channels by the links at the top of our site. Within our Telegram group, only “admins” should be trusted.

Also, our emails will only come from @medichain.online email addresses. So don’t trust any other email addresses.

Always make sure you’re on our official channels and don’t trust anyone that isn’t on our team.

You can email us at info@medichain.online if you need us to confirm if something is legitimately from us.

Our soft cap is $2 million USD.

Yes, the hard cap is $40 million USD.

Contact Us

We would love to talk. You can always reach us at info@medichain.online.

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